You and Science: An Unstoppable Force for Diversity

You and Science are key to cultural competence

You and Science: An Unstoppable Force for Success

“Whatever you focus on expands.”

Your mind responds to what you focus on and then you get more of that.  This is the Law of Focus.  In your own experiences have you ever decided to buy a new car? What happened next? Wasn’t every second car either the colour or make of your new car?  How did that happen?  Simply, what your mind focuses on expands.

Put this together with the Law of Momentum, which states:

‘Energy in motion, tends to STAY in motion’
‘Energy stopped, tends to STAY stopped’

From your own experiences when you have sped down the road and slammed the brakes on, what happened?  It took some effort for the car to come to a stop, didn’t it? Things that are moving tend to keep moving, until something of equal energy – an opposing force – gets it to stop. What this means is… once you begin to create movement or motion towards managing people, you will experience more and more success, day by day, and it will actually be hard to stop great results.

Success multiplies success.

Now, think of trying to get your car moving when it has a flat battery or if it has stopped. It requires lots of effort, doesn’t it?  Things that are stopped will stay stopped until something of equal energy – an opposing force – gets it to move.

How does this impact in the workplace? What this means is… if your employees are disengaged it is much much harder to achieve the outcomes you desire.

These two laws of physics – The Law of Momentum and the Law of Focus apply universally, not just with our physical world – not just to cars.  They apply also to YOU and your role in the workforce. By learning how to combine the two forces you can become an unstoppable force in the direction of achieving amazing results through positive thoughts.

Are your results at work very predictable? Well they are contingent on the Law of Momentum and Law of Focus – a combination of the contents of your mind and your actions. Whenever you think and act positively, you become an unstoppable force to making THINGS happen.

Most of us aren’t very skilled at ‘controlling’ this wonderful resource – the mind.  In fact, most people aren’t even aware that you can control it!

Well you can! If you are going to utilise the power of the Law of Focus and the Law of Momentum and become an unstoppable force by leading change, people and demonstrate success, the trick is learning how to master what occurs in your mind around cultural competence.

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