What’s Under My Burqa – Part 3


Well done for following the blog series. A quick revisit of the last two parts highlighted the reality that fear lurks in everyone’s subconscious and if unmanaged, fear can destroy your teams, branding, reputation and organisation.  Diversity does not need to be feared. There are a myriad of benefits to both the employee and employer and the Triple ‘A’ approach will ensure as a leader, you tap into the potential of your human resource.


Read on once you appreciate the value of diversity and are committed to annihilate inappropriate behaviour.  The third step is to implement inclusive workplace practices to accelerate business growth.


Step 3: Accelerate


No matter how you look at it, diversity is extremely important as it has become a business imperative. One size does not fit all but a shared organisational vision can. Unintentionally leaders and managers may themselves present obstacles. How can we avoid this? To reiterate follow step one and two from an organisational, high level strategic approach; appreciate diversity and annihilate fear to remove barriers that prevent progress and good performance.


Carnegie’s White Paper into employee engagement (http://www.dalecarnegie.com/employee-engagement-white-papers) claims a positive corporate culture that encourages engagement is twice as likely to succeed than organisations that do not demonstrate a culture of corporate responsibility.


Wage a war on negative behaviour and poor performance that may stem from idle gossip, bias or judgement and deliver inclusion initiatives that can accelerate successes. Hold workplace celebrations and events such as Harmony Day, Orthodox Easter, International Women’s Day or NAIDOC Week (Celebrating Aboriginal culture and achievements).  Celebrations can be either formal or informal but the intention is to positively impact all employees. Many times simple and inexpensive actions produce unexpected positive results.  For example holding an informal meeting at a culturally different venue can trigger social conversation and improve teamwork. Regardless of the size of your organisation it is vital to create an inclusive workplace where everyone truly feels welcome.


Follow the lead of exceptional organisations such as IBN, Aurizon, Qantas, Deloitte and universities that are globally successful and committed to doing the right thing for the right reasons.





“So What’s Under My Burqa”?


The world is changing at a rapid rate.  The advent of social media, women’s changing roles and the volatility, uncertainty and complexity of a challenging world of work may stir negative emotions.

No organisation or individual is immune from change and as human beings, like you I too experience the emotion called fear.  Standing on the escalator I felt hugely supported by the entourage of people albeit diverse and unfamiliar.


To manage currents changes and unforeseeable challenges ahead organisations must be respectful and supportive of diverse people and aim to create an inclusive work culture. Stephen Covey aptly said, “Strength lies in difference not in similarity”.  By setting the intent to embrace diversity of language, dress, abilities, religion, gender or age, you gear the organisation towards a different yet positive mindset.


The preset programming of our thoughts can have a negative impact when working with people perceived as different.   No one person or situation can be responsible for the trigger of poor behaviour or actions in the workplace. Yet we can all be responsible to help shift attitudes and

create the difference to ignite high level performance, positive attitude and increase productivity.


Apply the Triple A approach – Appreciate, Annihilate and Accelerate to reap the talent and strengths of your employees regardless of differences. As a result employees should feel a sense of oneness to your vision, department and organisation. As a flow-on effect powerful unconscious shift occurs within one’s negative thought process. Combine new thoughts with positive emotion and you lead people to greatness.  Set the Triple A foundations and have your employees better engage, work stress free and perform to their full potential. This road leads to creativity and innovation.


Once differences are celebrated, success is accelerated.


ConnEQt for success!


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