The 2 Essentials Keys for Happiness

So you don’t have your nest egg! You still have funds for the important things, don’t you?

But, whether or not you have money, you have something even more important.  You have freedoms. You are liberated.  You can choose; what to eat, whether to work, holiday, begin a family or simply spend time over coffee.

Not only that, we have access to all the modern technologies in the 21st century such as smart devices, wifi, social media and the like.  Life is good, don’t you think?

So, ‘why aren’t I truly happy’, do I hear you ask?   That is because it is difficult to have a totally fulfilling life without knowing yourself…knowing your purpose.

Ask yourself, “Why aren’t I 100% happy?”, and you will discover it is just like Mark Twain said.  He knows,

“the 2 most important days in your life are: 

1. The day you were born, and
2. The day you find out why”.

And, there you have the 2 essentials you need to be happy.  One, you have to have ‘Life’, and you have to know why – why are you alive?

You have life, don’t you! So, how are you doing with knowing why – your purpose? What is lurking inside you that you can unleash … so you radiate, joy and contentment?

3 Warning Signs YOU ARE LOST –  NOT Living Your Purpose

  1. You want to BE more – Deep inside you know you are capable of more. You have so much potential for meaning, fulfilment and so much more to give to the world.
  2. You want to DO more – Your work is ok and it pays for your lifestyle, but you do not love it. There’s an inner voice softly calling you to find something that makes you want to jump out of bed.
  3. You want to HAVE more – You have the things you need, but still find yourself; looking around for more, buying more, striving for more.

How Did I Lose Myself and My Purpose?

As a child we are dependent on others to care for us. We are dependent on others as we seek ourselves within the confines of culture and community.  Of course, when we are young we desperately need our immediate family, friends and society for nurturing, growth and development.

And, as we sacrifice our own individuality, determination and willpower for the purpose of pleasing those around us, it’s as though our Self has been hijacked.

You have only to take a quick glance at modern education.  How many individuals leave school with no direction, no leadership skills, no determination, no vision, unable to think critically and are highly dependent on others around them?

Our homes, the education system and our society are producing incapable people who are afraid to think, afraid to live life on their own empowered terms and afraid to step forward to new territory.

So what should you do if these warning signs resonate with you?

You know you have untapped potential. By understanding how you can live purposefully you CAN be your best SELF and live up to your greatest potential.  And THAT… is the secret path to happiness.

But, even if you make it your number one priority to find your purpose and be living it, you will find that there are 100’s of different and confusing methods to finding your purpose.

We invite you to ask us at ConnEQt about our programs that are designed to support you finding YOUR purpose, and get started on your path.

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