Motivational Speaking

Author Najla Turk tells entertaining stories and demonstrates insights to awaken the leadership within. Her inspiring presentations draw on her personal experiences and knowledge as a Muslim woman from Middle Eastern background.

Today’s noisy world requires more than policies and procedures, it requires harnessing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Najla will explain how to find your shared vision and create an environment that allows your employees to drive your product, brand or service forward. She has the ability to influence, inspire and create transformational change.

Learn how to

  • Discover your key areas of engagement
  • Change employee direction to align to organisational vision
  • Inspire people to participate towards high performing teams
  • Create value in the heart and mind of employees

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What People are Saying

Najla is able to transform difficult situations into positive, energizing experiences. It is the focus on servant leadership awakening the mind and emotion that truly combines the mental capability of the brain (the ability to change our attitudes and perceptions of the world) with the calmness and presence of an aligned, centered state of being.

– Keshav Jha, Educator and Investor

What’s impressive about Najla is her commitment and passion both about disadvantaged people and about the way her passion reflects her own personal diversity. Najla is extremely committed to helping people to understand. In a way she just influences people, to understand better; Different cultures, different genders and the perspectives that people bring from different backgrounds.

It’s never in your face. The way Najla does it is thought provoking. And so people can come to their own decisions about what they are thinking and how they are treating people in the workplace.

Najla has worked with Organisational Capability Unit to look at Multiculturalism and Diversity with our staff. From a corporate sense we had some amazing growth in terms of how people would manage better in the workplace and manage diversity and really use a strength based approach with the diversity of our staff.

– Jenny Harding, Senior Executive Manager, Registered Training Organisation

The first time I met Najla I looked at her and I felt, I really want to work with this person. Because she has the vitality, the energy and the passion that I’ve not seen with many people working in the area of diversity.

I’ve seen Najla many, many times working effortlessly, cutting through people’s prejudice, cutting through cultural boundaries – for being who she is.

Najla is able to transcend a lot of people’s fear and bring them into really look at how their life can be enriched by engaging with diversity around them.

– Jenny Howard, Business Consultant