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Do you have a vision, plan and direction yet are unable to focus on strategy and leadership because employee collaboration isn’t strong.

As a business owner, manager or CEO do you have decision making abilities to invest in strengthening your workforce, regardless of the size of your organisation?
Do you question whether you are making seemingly ‘inappropriate’ choices with your culturally diverse workers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the decision you make today will help you unlock the ‘secret’ to increased engagement and productivity, workplace harmony and profitability.
We at ConnEQt operate at the heart of cultural diversity and inclusion. The team offer personal and business results coaching to maximise your chances of success as a professional. We customise coaching programs that deliver results to decision makers who want to drive forward business objectives and create greater capability for improved individual and organisational performance.

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ConnEQt offer numerous Diversity Services; Coaching, Training/Advanced Facilitation and Public Speaking.

We ensure the privacy, dignity and confidentiality of all people and operate under a strong Code of Ethics to uphold cultural integrity.

What People are Saying

I had never spoken to a Muslim before and the inspiration and insight into a subject that I had never ever considered gave me a respect for social diversity and unification.
To me it was a pivotal moment and since then I have had the greatest respect for all races. As a result, we have employed many non-Australian employees who have become some of the hardest and loyal workers that we have had.

Najla has set an example of respect for all races and through her example we in turn have empowered our employees to treat everyone with respect. As a result we have discovered remarkable workers who are very comfortable in our workplace and I believe that having happy workers is a key to having a successful and profitable business.

– John Padman, Irrigation Manufacturing Entrepreneur

Have you ever met someone and within moments you know this is someone with whom you want to develop a long-term friendship and alliance? That was exactly my reaction after speaking with Najla for only a few minutes. She has a presence that radiates and draws others in. Najla has a personal power that is warm and gentle yet strong. Her commitment to inclusion and cultural understanding and her way of discussing enables others to hear the message and take action on building a better world.

– Lenora Billings-Harris, author of Trailblazers: How Business Leaders are using Inclusion and Diversity to Accelerate Results

Najla is an amazing person as she gives from her heart. Najla truly understands the struggles of being culturally diverse. She is ‘priceless’!

– Sylvie Noujaim