We have three core services:

  • Coaching
  • Training/Workshops and
  • Public Speaking

The core services are designed to inspire achieving greater success and fulfilment. Our philosophy resonates with encouragement of…

Zig Ziglar:

“You don’t build a business

You build people

And then People build the business”

In the 21st Century organisations are facing many new challenges – globalisation, internet-enabled technologies, sustainable development and social change to name a few. Today’s leaders must change to meet the future.  This does not require solely looking at the people resource but to reflect at your management practices but more importantly our leadership style.

For change to occur  we must start from deep within ourselves. In words of Gandhi,

change happens with oneself,
all transformations occur within will reflect in the outside world around us”.

For this to happen one must have a deep desire to wholly commit to it.

“When we least expect it,
life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change;
at such a moment,
there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened
or in saying that we are not yet ready” ~ Paulo Coelho


The time for change is today.  Learning the skills to recruit, engage and retain employees is doable. Turn your organisation into a high performing, productive workplace by addressing the culture, people and talent and creating an inclusive workplace.


As a result of having seen Najla present at a seminar  she gave me inspiration and insight for social diversity and unification

As a result I have employed many non-Australians only to find they are the hardest and loyal workers that we have had.

I believe that having happy workers is the key to having a successful and profitable business

 Meeting Najla was a pivotal moment and since then I have had the greatest respect for all races.

John Padman, Irrigation Manufacturing Entrepreneur

“I have heard Najla discuss topics of Diversity and Inclusiveness and I highly endorse Najla’s ability to make a positive difference.

Najla has a fantastic balance with understanding and bridging the gaps and misunderstandings that occur between cultures.

As a highly skilled educator she helps people realise that there are opportunities to be shared in being authentic, more inclusive and finding out about the magic and attributes that others have to offer”

Paul Partier, Business Consultant