What’s Under My Burqa – Part 1

Typical of a peak hour morning rush in the heart of a central business district I found myself merged into a stream of train commuters leaving the underground station. Unfamiliar with the area and marching to the beat of travellers, I had no time to assess the steep incline before stepping onto the very long escalator. Instantly I was overcome with fear. My amygdala triggered an automatic fear response and I was unable to look up, behind or sideways. I felt and believed I would stagger, … [Read more...]

What’s Under My Burqa – Part 2

What was I afraid of?  My body stiffened on the deep steep incline of an underground station escalator. What was more frightening was the travelling stranger who ferociously yelled, “Go back to where you come from!” “You don’t belong here!” “You’re trouble to our country!” I suspect the bright, coloured scarf on my head triggered the commuter’s moral and ethical response to waging a war on “terror”.  The irony of that moment was fear was real for us both. I internalised the fear of a physical … [Read more...]

What’s Under My Burqa – Part 3

  Well done for following the blog series. A quick revisit of the last two parts highlighted the reality that fear lurks in everyone’s subconscious and if unmanaged, fear can destroy your teams, branding, reputation and organisation.  Diversity does not need to be feared. There are a myriad of benefits to both the employee and employer and the Triple ‘A’ approach will ensure as a leader, you tap into the potential of your human resource.   Read on once you appreciate the value … [Read more...]