Could it be Your Employees are Dissatisfied?

A staggering amount of employees today are not happy in their workplace. According to a 2012 Right Management survey of 411 workers, only 19% of respondents said that they were satisfied with their jobs. Would you not be discouraged by this finding? Unhappy workers are less productive. When your diverse employees, whatever age or background, are unhappy this means your organisation’s bottom line can suffer. To understand why over two-thirds of employees are dissatisfied at work, simply look … [Read more...]

The 2 Essentials Keys for Happiness

So you don’t have your nest egg! You still have funds for the important things, don’t you? But, whether or not you have money, you have something even more important.  You have freedoms. You are liberated.  You can choose; what to eat, whether to work, holiday, begin a family or simply spend time over coffee. Not only that, we have access to all the modern technologies in the 21st century such as smart devices, wifi, social media and the like.  Life is good, don’t you think? So, ‘why … [Read more...]

How do you define happiness

How do you define happiness?   Is it achieving a long awaited goal, earning a high income or landing the next big deal? Would you agree Westerns have more to be happy about than our counterpart countries? Or are we deceived? Born to Middle-Eastern parents, culture, religion and family were high on my value system. Able to juggle and manage a cultural and familial lifestyle with workplace requirements and social expectations, I must contend I believed I was happy. As a cultural and … [Read more...]

High Turnover in Workplaces

It is a universal human need to feel and be understood: to be seen as the most authentic version of yourself, no matter who you are or where you come from. This need is a simple one, but it is often overlooked in the world of business. After all, it can seem impossible (and unnecessary) to consider the individual concerns of each worker. However, disregarding the diverse set of challenges your employees face can come at a great cost to both your business and the people who make it successful. A … [Read more...]

You and Science: An Unstoppable Force for Diversity

You and Science are key to cultural competence You and Science: An Unstoppable Force for Success “Whatever you focus on expands.” Your mind responds to what you focus on and then you get more of that.  This is the Law of Focus.  In your own experiences have you ever decided to buy a new car? What happened next? Wasn’t every second car either the colour or make of your new car?  How did that happen?  Simply, what your mind focuses on expands. Put this together with the Law of Momentum, … [Read more...]

High Absenteeism in Workplaces

High absenteeism is a real problem. How does an organisation address the problem when talented employees miss work at high rates?  Obviously they expect and plan for people to miss a certain number of days of the job however high absenteeism can be a blow to employers.  Over time the impact on the organisation warrants attention. If you want to understand the reasons behind your workplace's high absenteeism, you may find that the solution is simpler than you'd expect. What causes high … [Read more...]

The Number 1 Success Tip: Copy it!

Have you ever wondered why there are so many educated people struggling to make ends meet while some virtually uneducated people are worth millions? Clearly, something more than education is needed to avoid ending up frustrated, undervalued and demotivated. All successful people have something in common… They KNOW WHY they do what they do. Their work has Purpose. Their work has meaning. Success Worth Emulating - Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) Born 1955 in San Francisco, he was adopted and … [Read more...]