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The Art of Diversity book overview

Do you celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD)? Show a change in workplace culture and reflect an inclusive practice to help boost employee engagement.

What is Employee Engagement?  Your solution to improve teamwork, productivity and increase business outcomes.

Contributions from over 85 thought leaders and industry experts sharing their tips, stories and insights on Motivating your Mind Inspiring your Spirit 2016 .

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The Art of Diversity free downloadable ebook Chapter  The Art of Diversity ebook chapter

ABC Interview with Najla Turk: Arab-Australian Women want greater workplace opportunities.  Listen to the ABC Interview here.

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i)  Cultural Competence learning material designed for  TAFENSW_NSWGOV_CMYK_space

ii) Redback Conferencing webinar presentation “Play  DICE  to Eliminate RiskRedback conferencing logo

iii)  Conference Paper on Diversity Explosion  UNIVERSITY of RIVERSIDE

 iv) Workshop program designed for macarthur diversity services initiative