Our MISSION is embodied in three inspired actions…

Eliminate, Educate and Accelerate

    • Eliminate barriers to effective employee engagement
    • Educate and increase awareness around diversity of people, thought and behaviour
    • Accelerate  self-managed performance and team collaboration

Due to social media our society is increasingly hyper-connected yet a Psychometrics Engagement Study shows 69% of employees report engagement is a problem in their organization.  As well 80% of employees dissatisfied with their direct manager are disengaged according to a Carnegie Employee Engagement study?

Employee engagement is an important part of any organization and is rated the most important issue facing organisations around the world.

How does your leadership and organisational culture fair? 

Do you deliver real business outcomes?

Is there disconnect between employees in the workplace?

What is the benefit of engagement for Employers? 

When employees are highly engaged they are happy. Not only is there less likelihood of conflict and high absenteeism, you improve your business reputation and as a result your organisation can gain competitive advantage and reap huge revenue increases

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” (Henry Ford)

At ConnEQt we understand engaged employees are more important than ever. We help managers and leaders boost employee engagement and re-establish flow and productivity in the workplace. The value of moving employees forward from a place of stress, lack of engagement or judgement is reflected in their relationships, performance and attendance.

It is impossible to demand more engagement and stronger performance yet at ConnEQt we are able to connect employees to the organisatons vision and direction and help create a culture that embraces Diversity and Inclusion.